Emerging Franchise Brands Podcast

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Introducing Emerging Franchise Brands Podcast. Hosted by Frank Fiume, founder of the groundbreaking i9 Sports franchise, this podcast is the go-to source for untold stories and invaluable insights from the visionary minds behind some of the most exciting emerging franchise brands.

Here at BlueBox Studios Tampa, our studio is the proud home and creative hub for the Emerging Franchise Brands Podcast. With cutting-edge recording facilities and a commitment to nurturing creativity, BlueBox Studios sets the stage for a podcasting experience like no other.


Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and inspiration as the Emerging Franchise Brands Podcast and BlueBox studio join forces to bring you stories that resonate and ideas that flourish. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a lover of insightful narratives, this podcast promises to be your backstage pass to the dynamic world of franchising.

Stay tuned for the first episode, where the world of emerging franchise brands will unfold before your eyes. This is your invitation to dive into a realm of innovation, growth, and possibility, presented by us at BlueBox Studios Tampa. Get ready to be inspired and informed like never before!