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Introducing Johnny Jones’ Photoshoot: Capturing Timeless Beauty in Tampa Bay


BlueBox Digital proudly presents a stunning half-page portfolio showcasing the exceptional photography skills of Anthony Rivera. The shoot featured the sensational model, Johnny Jones, against the breathtaking backdrop of Tampa Bay.


In this remarkable collaboration, Anthony Rivera’s keen eye for composition and attention to detail perfectly complemented Johnny’s ability to embody different moods and personalities. Together, they crafted a visual narrative that transcends photography, evoking emotions and sparking the imagination.

From the golden hour silhouette against the Tampa Bay skyline to intimate black and white close-ups, every image is a testament to BlueBox Digital’s dedication to capturing authentic moments. Anthony’s expert editing skills enhanced the natural beauty of each shot, elevating the collection to new artistic heights.


BlueBox Digital takes pride in providing top-tier photography services, and this collaboration between Anthony Rivera and Johnny Jones exemplifies our commitment to excellence. Experience the captivating world created by BlueBox Digital through their lens.

BlueBox Digital – where creativity meets innovation and timeless beauty is captured one frame at a time.

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